Go ahead and dream big!
We will help you transform it into reality….

Why we do it!

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” – Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO

We at MindWorx, strongly believe that “There is no Success without Failure”

With the comprehensive understanding of the needs of start-up companies and equipped with end-to-end proven processes to assist in your ideas in the right way, we consider ourselves as a Start-up Nurturing Hub.

We take pride and satisfaction in catering to more than 15+ start-up companies by transforming their ideas into reality in the most effective way. Thinking like a start-up is in our DNA since we understand the nuances of running a start-up company, while we ourselves have been through the rigmarole way back in 2011, when we started our business operations. We have experienced all the roller coaster rides during these years and have immense repository of learnings in our knowledge base during this journey. Our experience and hard-learnt lessons ensure that we assist our start-up customers in the most effective way.

How we do it!

“Success comes with Simplicity!” - that’s the mantra we vouch on while delivering services / solutions to our start-up customers to ensure their success.

At MindWorx, we are a passionate team of professionals, who strive to learn from every experience. With this mind-set, we offer our quality, dynamic and flexible IT / ITES services for Start-up companies across the globe.

Our main focus is on our proposition on three dimensions; which make good sense to our existing customers and will surely interest you as well.

1. Seed Stage Proposition

We do understand at this stage, the kind of mind-set and back pressure start-up companies have to live with. The intensity of risks is the highest during the cranking stage of the business engine. This is a stage where companies look at ways of converting their well thought of ideas into a proof of concept (POC) and that too in a focused and cost effective manner. It’s an iterative process of learning from failures and striving till we achieve success.

This is where MindWorx can step in. With our Centre of Excellence for Start-ups (COE-S), our team of skilled professionals can assist you in blooming your dreams and ideas into realistic solutions. Our proven processes and solutions have been endorsed by our happy customers for their transparency and effectiveness.

We have strong experience in providing following services at this stage:

  • Idea Incubation / In-cultivation
  • War Room Brainstorming
  • Solution Visualization
  • Prototyping
  • Technology Fitment Analysis
  • POCs
  • Market Strategy
  • Assistance during Fund Raising

2. Intermediate Stage Proposition

This is at a stage the sense of urgency in business is very high and each minute costs a lot of penny. Here, we ascertain what is the roadmap, what is the business proposition and market strategy, what kind of solution building activities are aligned with it; the kind of technology skill sets required; roles and responsibilities etc.

Here we apply our proven methodologies on Outsource v/s Build decisions.

We work with a ‘One team - One goal’ approach with the sole objective of achieving success. Ownership and commitments are the bloodlines of MindWorx.

We assist you in following activities at this stage:

  • Choosing right product delivery model
  • Laying down strong Architecture
  • Setting up complete PDLC process
  • Right Tech team selection (with active customer participation)
  • Product Documentation (Technical and Functional)
  • Quality Assurance Lab
  • Version Conventions and Control
  • Go-To-Market plans
  • Demand based team Ramp up / Ramp down

3. Top Gear Stage Proposition

At this stage, business is gradually gaining momentum although still in need of hand-holding, since its yet to attain maturity. We make sure that every decision is made in the right direction with focus on the business objective. We deploy various check points and measures which cross check every decision and action in the entire journey.

The very fact that we understand the early-stage challenges and advantages. We can act well matured in our approach. At this level we understand the market feedback and flex the solution deployment appropriately.

Our teams can act in various modes like 24 X 7 support for the initial period of hand-holding; which can be reduced gradually on based on the market response. Our solutions on business process automation can help you minimise manual intervention and achieve optimum operational performance.

At this stage we have matured service level offerings:

  • Optimizing Team Structure
  • Solution Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning and enhancements
  • DevOps
  • Automation – QA / Process / Data Handling / Communication
  • Compliances
  • Process intelligence, Data Analytics and AI
  • UI / UX Modernisation
  • Conceptualisation of Future Plans

What we do!

Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability. We have very simple and transparent offerings for your start up business to bloom.

A. WoW Model – Variants: Nano and Mini

MindWorx has evolved their proven WoW models, to cater to the needs of Start-up businesses. It is completely integrated and collaborative offshore services model that provides start-up stage wise offerings designed to guarantee success.

By banking upon MindWorx’s WoW model for technological needs, start-up businesses can maintain more focus on their core business objectives.

WoW Model (Nano):

A perfect service for start-ups at the seed stage, where right combination of skill sets is required. At this stage, start-ups need assistance in defining their technology roadmap vis-à-vis business objectives. MindWorx can assist business achieve the same and help nurture the business idea.

WoW Model (Mini):

It’s an apt service, when it’s time to bring dreams/ ideas to reality. Post the seed stage, start-ups look for flexibility in their IT Service commensurate with the crests and troughs in the business cycles. Features like FlexiBilling™ and Ad-hoc ramp up / ramp down help businesses keep their cost surges at bay.

The service has the innate capability of taking over various activities right for idea incubation, solution designing to support, which are non-core for the business but need immense effort and application of ideas based on experiences.

B. WoW Model – Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Starting your own business is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows and every turn you take is another twist. In such circumstances, businesses need a subject matter expert to shoulder the burden of responsibilities.

WoW model offers services which assist in taking care of conceptualising and building solutions, executing them till maturity and handing over when the time is ripe.


This phase involves setting up of an operation unit which includes everything from setting up IT infrastructures such as the internet and IT devices as well as business applications, setting up the team and putting in place the administration procedures.


This phase manages various software projects which includes project management, development, maintenance, enhancements and product support.


In this phase, project / function / process ownership is finally transferred to the customer, but only when the customer is fully ready to control the project or when the contract expires, whichever is earlier. It includes transfer of assets (resources, software, data, documentation etc.) and handover formalities.

The service offers benefits like improved profitability, faster go-to-market and reduced risks.

C. Fixed Bid Mode

While you spend your efforts on running your business, there is a need for faster go-to market so that each opportunity is tapped well in time. During this stage you may need assistance in rolling out product ideas for your customised needs.

MindWorx can help you design custom built software solutions addressing your challenges, be it on information management or process automation.

Our team of professionals will carry out the due diligence of the As-Is situation and suggest the appropriate business solution with the cost-benefit analysis.

Based on a fixed price, MindWorx will deliver the appropriate solution with value for money and peace of mind.

D. WoW Model - Revenue Sharing

We all have ideas, but translating those ideas into something tangible. A start-up business takes hell lot of efforts. There is continual pressure to orchestrate all the ground activities but at the same time keep costs low. It is said that a team aligned with vision can move mountains. MindWorx can team up with you to shoulder your IT responsibilities on a Revenue Sharing basis. We do have success stories on similar engagements in the US, UK and South Africa region.

The model can work as follows:

  • MindWorx can take up the responsibility of setting up your IT infrastructure (Resources, Software, Hardware and Network)
  • The efforts will be partially billed, while the balance efforts shall be compensated in the form of stakes in your business.
  • The stakes shall be time bound with threshold valuation based on business projections at time of signing off the engagement.