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CabPRO Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software & Mobile App

Let your customer book rides on your cabs using the app with your brand white labeled on the app and monitor your dispatches on a single window admin panel

The app will be available for your customers on iOS as well as Android.


CabPRO Features


Registration Management


Schedule Your Ride


Rate Cards Management


Passenger Management


Payment Management


Profile Setup


Transaction Management




Admin Setup

Driver app | easy-to-use & intuitive

The CabPRO white label cab dispatch app on the white label app has been designed with an easy-to-use UI for drivers to quickly on-board themselves and start accepting booking requests. Drivers can view analytics on trips undertaken and connect their bank accounts directly with the app as well. CabPRO Driver is also integrated a unique meter-based booking request for drivers to make manual trips as well.


Best Online Taxi Dispatch System

Seamless web dispatcher dashboard crafted for assigned personnel to easily switch between assigning booking requests on demand and monitoring trips in real time.

Customisable Taxi Booking Website Included

We understand certain markets across the globe still have customers using websites as their primary means of booking taxi services. Along with the app, we provide craft an online taxi booking website for your customers.

What Make Us Unique? Feature Highlights

One Time Price

One Time Price


Solution Deployment

Solution Deployment

With in 2-3 weeks from the Work Order

Personalization / Branding

Personalization / Branding

Part of the on time cost

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

12 months support & maintenance is included in the one-time cost

Server Hosting

Server Hosting

MindWorx will do it for first time as set up activity. Server hosting cost is not included in one time cost.



We can provide customization as per actual efforts with $10 USD per Hr rate basis.

Solution Deployment

What is Included in Solution

Web based Front end solution for customers, Android Mobile App, iPhone Mobile App