Product Modernisation

Constant evolution in technology has disrupted the way of doing business. These technology changes and the ever-changing consumer preference create multiple challenges and opportunities for software product companies. It is necessary for businesses to keep refreshing their products in terms of the look and feel and its offering to stay competitive in the market.

MindWorx helps businesses modernize their products on the digital arena. We can be part of your team and together build the perfect roadmap for the product's modernisation to help you achieve the benefits of modernisation while mitigating the disruption.

User Experience

User experience is the tangible parameter of success

The objective of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design and development are to deliver a thoughtful end user experience. Hence, we take a user-centric design approach to every product we develop it web applications or mobile apps.

We at MindWorx understand the need for good UX and with our team of the best UI/UX designers ensure that your product gives your customers the best experience.

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Every stakeholder is important

To ensure that a product is properly modernized, it is imperative to understand your stakeholders. We cannot pre-empt certain behaviour patterns of the customers while dealing with a new technology. Our team ensures your product is up to the mark by conducting a thorough industry research to see what the customer wants and then works on your product to modernize it using the best and latest technologies available.

Discovery phase

Eureka moments can change the complexion of the business overnight

At MindWorx, we believe that the discovery phase of the project is one of the most important and one of the most intense.

Here we hear it from you to understand the product / service as it currently exists (if it does) and where you want it to end up.

Understanding personas, user journeys and other familiar items from our UX research toolkit are not just used but the team also pays closer attention to how those user journeys intersect with the way the business delivers them.

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Winning the race against the redundancy

Some of the best solutions can become redundant overnight. As designers, we are aware of this fact, which is why we believe in incremental layout designs where we can add new features in accordance with the needs of the client.

As designers, we cannot write off the basic grammar of the designs. They are essential in order to maintain the strengths and functionality of the services being offered. We follow the technical grammar religiously and try to add novelty in our designs in accordance with the wishes of our clients.

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System Behaviour Guidelines

We develop a unique set of the guidelines in accordance with the information levels of the client and the users that are using them.

Sketches and Drawings

As a policy, we make sure to take the nod of our clients on various levels of project development. We prepare elaborate sketches and drawings and share them with our clients to keep them on the same page with us and collect valuable feedback during the stage of the development.


We design wireframes to visualize data structures and represent UI features for early testing of workflows, navigation, and overall data structure.

This phase of our exercise gives us an objectivity to understand the effectiveness of wireframe in the day to day activity of our client’s digital transactions.

A prototype of Various Fidelity

Clickable prototypes delivered by our team, enable users to quickly test simple elements or complex behaviours, interacting with the prototypeas they would with the end product. Requiring little time and efforts, these prototypes allow for identifying opportunities for improvements, driving adoption, productivity, user satisfaction and profitability of the final solution.

UI concepts with the visual identity

UI concepts are an effective way to keep the website tidy and attractive to the viewers. Creation of an impressive visual identity is a part of the exercise of the visual persuasion. We can help you in choosing the right kind of visual identity to stand out more prominently amidst the rush of the websites that are competing with you.

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