Product Development

In the present market scenario, Productization of any service is key to form a sustainable business model. Productizing your business idea or your product/service USP can reap substantial benefits. Getting your product/service on the digital marketplace is the way forward and MindWorx specializes in helping you through the journey. Leveraging latest technology to productize your offerings is the ideal business scenario today.

It is your time to be a success story!!!

Design Thinking

We at MindWorx follow the principle of design thinking approach to product development.

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Market Plan and Requirement Analysis

Understanding your market plans and specifically your challenges help us design and develop a better product for you.

In addition to analysing your requirements in detail, understanding the areas of Product usability, knowing your Customer needs and expectations, User psyche, expected value delivery, Scalability needs etc, we recommend the requisite technology and architecture that will enable us to develop the best product for you.

Our designs are scalable in nature so as to cater to future needs or increased capacities.

Product Design

Clearly articulating your key challenges and expectations, brain storming potential solutions and selecting the appropriate solution is the foundation to a valuable product design.

Having a fluidic user experience is the key and goes a long way in. It further holds key ensuring your valuable customers can seamlessly navigate to reach you in the online space.

We at MindWorx have the best team of designers, technologists and domain experts who strive and to ensure that your product not just meets, but surpasses the market standards. We will ensure that your product is attractive and fluidic for the users resulting in meaningful and valuable user experience; thereby achieving substantial benefits for your business.

Product Development Life Cycle

With years of experiences in developing software application for clients spread across the world. We have developed proven methodologies and PDLC techniques to create and engineer high quality Software products, IOT based product, cloud based solutions, Mobile VAS products etc.

We have developed highly comprehensive and highly scalable business and consumer oriented products for our clients. Our flexible approach for On-site and Off-site product development helps our customers fulfil their dynamic requirements and expectations from a product.

Utilizing our expertise and team of skilled resources, we try to develop products that are commercially viable and economically suitable thus helping our clients add value and sustain in the market through effective productization of their unique ideas.

Software Design

Here at MindWorx, we follow all the basic principles of real and digital world designs. Our design concepts are developed with defined cognitive, strategic and practical processes.

We understand that developing products requires a discipline and rigor beyond traditional IT engagements. It requires a focus on upfront design, constant iterations, and milestones defined as viable products.


Prototyping helps us select the right model which is applicable in the project development of our clients. Product development starts with creating new ideas and then rapidly testing and prototyping them to see what works. MindWorx Team has extensive experience helping customers at these early stages of the product development lifecycle.

This prototype allows us to hand pick a few tools from our existing portfolio and assemble them in a seamless way into the main system for our clients. The phase of prototyping enables us to add some futuristic tools in the main designs and increase their redundancy date drastically.


We at MindWorx believe that Agile development is the key to be in the fast-moving market and rolling out products in short time.

We develop products using SCRUM methodology for agile approach to Software project management. This allows us to harness the most creative solutions from the collective team, and to ensures that the workload is distributed effectively so that viable software outcomes can be achieved in shorter defined timeframes

Engineering, Security and Quality Assurance

With a breadth of experience across solutions and industry domains coupled with strong technology expertise, our teams bring valuable insights and knowledge to the product development initiative.

Our security measures and quality control measures follow the best industry standards prevalent today.

After Live Support and Maintenance

To help free up your internal teams, MindWorx provides ongoing maintenance services for your existing products.

We have a well-trained service team to cater to the issues of our clients, if any.

With adept execution, product development process can bring in quite a number of tangible benefits and positive results like;

  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased costs expended on software development and maintenance
  • Optimal utilisation of workforce
  • Decreased time to market
  • Secured quality assurance
  • Exponential possibilities to enter new markets faster