Technology changes are varying the way the business is executed. The technology change wave and consumer preferences associated with these technologies create multiple challenges and opportunities for software product companies.

Towards the end of the product’s life-cycle you start getting feedback from your existing users such as high maintenance, lower performance, difficulties in integrating with 3rd party products or services, poor user interface, old architecture not compatible with the latest technology and business advancement. These are the clear factors indicating that the stable and successful product needs to be modernized to fulfill the user & the business requirement.

Currently major technology drivers for product platform migration and re-engineering include the need to build component-based, service-oriented architecture’s (SOA), improving product usability or supporting Software as a Service (SaaS) product delivery platforms utilizing web services integration capabilities.

Changing or adding a platform is a big decision. At Mindworx we help our customers in deciding the perfect process and provide solutions which meet our client’s expectation.

In other words, at Mindworx we research and reverse engineering solutions highly tailored to suit your current and future needs. We carefully examine the risks and the rewards associated with the process allowing you to decide the extent of undertaking.

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