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This segment is the one that has drastically emerged with new plans to bring continual improvement in achieving appreciation from clients. Clients purchase online tickets or get into deals for their travel by means of several online mediums. This clearly indicates that clients expect a captivating environment and quick delivery of important and requisite information across the medium. This clearly indicates that this sector urges for solid, utmost & optimum services. Helping our clients in achieving their goals without sidelining on quality is the major intention that MindWorx strictly follows while delivering the solutions.


  • Comprehensive solution for managing customers, franchise agents & users; on a single platform.
  • Introducing Loyalty Program module for revenue generation for the companies thereby creating a feeling of fidelity amongst users.
  • Powerful platform for overcoming the excess handling by users globally thus seldom all possibilities of being out of action.
  • Industry oriented platform for transportation and fleet management.
  • Comprehensive solution designed for bulk sales and for supporting event management activities.


  • Partnering with customers for expanding globally, meanwhile concentrating equally on managing costs, optimizing and standardizing of processes.
  • Creating an effective IT architecture which is capable of effortlessly integrating the third party applications & merging new services.
  • Providing a simple customer acquisition model with a crystal clear user interface.
  • Improvised time-to-market and managed the elevated portfolio of products and services.
  • ROI based business model.
  • Introducing QR code & e-Ticketing technology as a step towards green initiatives.

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