This client is Asia’s largest & leading company in providing logistics & transportation services. The company has its presence across Asia & Australia. The company has huge staff strength of approximately 8000+ deployed across their global offices deputed at different levels.


Since the company was having larger team strength & having multiple presences across Asia, as a result the problems that were faced was mainly related to the managing of the knowledge base. Multiple sales offices use to work on the similar business leads without knowing that some other sales office has already worked on the similar opportunities. Moreover there was much more other information which was client wanted to bring on a collaborative platform.

Business Requirement:

The client wanted to build a mutual enterprise level knowledge platform, where they could share valuable knowledge across a common platform.

Also, they wanted to connect all their associates with this platform and promote knowledge collaboration for betterment in services.

They were looking for a comprehensive solution which would be user friendly and by using it they should be able to get all their associates under a single banner & track their respective performance.

The key motto was to collect, communicate, collaborate and bring continuous evolution in the field of knowledge management system.

Solutions Provided:

We are glad to bring-in our core experience and creativity in realizing this solution. We suggested platform approach instead of Product oriented solution.

We chose the best framework to develop this solution & introduced very innovative enterprise-wide social collaboration concept.

The administrator & the content Moderator was provisioned to create groups and these groups were made to interact with each other and share information on the platform.

All the information was primarily scanned and reviewed by appointed reviewer & was classified as private or public based on the sensitivity & importance of the information.

The application was developed on the principle of providing continuous & easy access to information which can be accessed globally.


The Knowledge Management System was termed as a worthy tool and the client claimed that the purpose & objectives behind realizing this application were achieved flawlessly.

The Chairman of the organization felicitated our company with ‘Best Solution of the Decade’ award.

The company has signed a treaty with us for working as their solution partner.

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