This client is India’s leading automobile manufacturer. The manufacturer has been into the auto industry for more than 50 years. The company has been into this segment right from manufacturing of Cars, MUVs, SUVs, Trucks, Tractors and heavy goods carrier vehicles. They are holding major stack from automobile industry in India and is a big exporter.


The company had launched a new range of heavy trucks in collaboration with a US based auto company. They wanted to build a web based and mobile based app for their Sales & marketing team. Using this tool they wanted to focus on the productive capability of their newly launched truck in an innovative manner i.e. using Gamification.

Business Requirement:

The client was looking forward to have a dynamic and cutting edge technology tool for marketing. Marketing team should be able to walk through their customer’s real time through the iteration of their owned manufactured truck against their opponent which would be the truck manufactured by their competitor. It should exhibit economy, profits, vehicle efficiency etc.

Customer should be able to key in details like source & destination, percentile depiction of the type of road, vehicle ex-showroom cost, road tax, fuel mileage, driver cost, daily running, tyre cost, maintenance etc. There were 45 parameters based on which the comparison was made. Customer should be able to see actual animation as a game where they can see theirs as well as the opponent truck running on the same route; different parameters would depict different values thus revealing the actual competition.

Customer should be able see the monthly & yearly maintenance costs and useful profit heads in different reports to understand the deviation in numbers.

Solutions Provided:

We had built a Gamification solution through which customers can set different parameters and choose their opponent and try a round trip to test different commercial and technical aspects of the trucks.

A well designed application using Phone Gap framework was concluded to deliver this solution implemented with certain Gamification oriented automation features.

Solution was developed keeping in mind the future precision and advancements. Also a data centralize module was made to collect all the iterative data on the server and to perform data mining. MVC architecture was implemented to add scalability and progression.


We delivered a wonderful application which was inaugurated by the Chairman of the said automobile company in an event and had highly praised the idea & workflow used in realizing the app.

The event was attended by 400+ marketing personnel, which would surely help each of them in convincing the client. Client has claimed good sales figure after launching of this solution and new marketing concept turned to be grand hit. Infact their competitor were stunned to see such strategy.

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