This client is India’s leading automobile manufacturer. The manufacturer has been into the auto industry for more than 50 years. The company has been into this segment right from manufacturing of cars, MUVs, SUVs, Trucks, Tractors and heavy goods carrier vehicles. They are holding major stack from automobile industry in India and big exporter


The company had launched a very famous SUV in India which gathered tremendous response from the buyers. They wanted to design and develop a mobile based app which the buyers can download, check with latest updates, customize their own vehicle & also could connect with their SUV owners club etc.

Business Requirement:

The client insisted to design and develop a mobile app for their customers & also for others enquiring for viewing & comparing the vehicle.

They also wanted to add value added features like customize your vehicle, trying with different accessories, different shades and viewing it from different angles. Checking the variants, features, technical specifications and based on it, should also be able to compare it with different models.

Solutions Provided:

The requirements were downloaded to each of the team member & thorough analysis was done.

A fantastic design was presented, which was highly appreciated by their management & marketing team.

We used Phone Gap framework to deliver this solution. Within this framework we also implemented automation features like emails, reminders and favorites etc. Solution was developed considering future scalability and advancements.


The solution was delivered and was downloaded by many of their new and existing customers.

Solution was liked by many customers and looking at the huge response; the client was back urging for an updated version to be delivered with integrated social networking platform.

The client thought of connecting with all its customers using this app and conducted different competitions such s Best Video, Funny experiences, Best Moments with the highly acclaimed SUV.

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