We at MindWorx help the manufacturing sector achieve their strategic goals. This has been done by aligning production processes with customer demands and simultaneously facilitates alliance with suppliers for better returns. Our experience in manufacturing domain has resulted not just in improvising in quality and numbers, but also adapted to the digital age of technology and information. We go with the cross-platform compatibility and collaboration to reach out to a wider client base and connect better with customers. Digital technology has helped us make the best use of analytics to improve our collaboration.


One-stop solution for clients, suppliers, users & distributors.

Bringing modernization to the old conventional way that has now been a subject of past. This has brought reduction in the time & has improvised the quality output.

Cross functional teams landing on a single platform due to which tracking the progress can be easily determined.

Enhanced the processes involved at every stage through technology intervention.

Cloud enablement with responsive design.


  • Inventory management: Optimized method adopted in lowering the costs with supplier portals, inventory and warehouse and production planning.
  • Staff management: Restructuring processes & people management for gaining higher operational efficiency.
  • Order management: Dashboard representational to keep a track on all the leads those are either new, under production & accomplished. It also depicts the stages of production meant for every single order.
  • Integration with CRM tool: Maintains a thorough record of distributors, dealers integrated with client portal.
  • Service management: Record for showing the stock of spare parts, warranty details & service records.
  • Report management: Reports based on several attributes meant for the manufacturing business showing the progress by means of graphical presentation.

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