What is Managed ODC Services

It’s an Offshore Delivery Center. In ODC model MindWorx will provide all your existing and future planned value services from offshore with balanced onsite presence. ODC engagements are certain number of years with certain number of processes / applications. Client can outsource their any/all business processes along with design and development of new applications, maintenance & support of existing applications.

Through a process of governance, the capability to monitor and control outsourced services activities and change processes can be ensured, committing to service delivery performance targets through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the communications service provider. The SLA is defined and agreed by both parties and contains a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) which are used to set and monitor the joint business objectives of the outsource program. This business model has been proven time and time again in the Energy, Hospitality, Real Estate, Manufacturing domains for customer management and billing systems and therefore can be applied equally well to Managed Services, since MindWorx Software Services is both IT centric and customer focused domains involving high volume, mission critical systems. This means that the governance processes required are similar.

We provides a Combination of different skill sets ranging from Account Manager, Process Manager, Process Subject Mater Expert, Functional PM, Solution Architect, Team Leads, Developers, QA Engineers, UI Designers / Developers. Client can assign one or multiple process(es) or application(s) to the offshore team and those will be successfully migrated and executed at offshore. ODC model reduces the time and effort in managing the infrastructure to run the business; whereas it will help you to gain more focus on core strengths.

MindWorx is committed to provide Guaranteed SLAs, Skilled Team for Support, Detailed Billing, Reporting & Insights, Cost Optimization & Predictability, Business Agility / Flexibility

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