Hospitality industry is the one that facilitates the customers in many areas as finding the best tour destinations across the globe, providing the transportation facilities like air booking, cabs to commute to the airports & other tourist destinations, accommodation facilities like hotels, restaurants, resort including the dining facilities as well.

The travel business is experiencing a real shift. The evolution is determined by the inflow of new advances, gadgets and the advancing sensibilities of clients. They require creative and agile answers for help them unite with clients through different channels and investigate new income models.


At MindWorx we ensure to deliver the solutions through various platforms. For any business, its website will act as a prima facie which shows the face of the business to its clients. Therefore it’s always been our priority for creating an impression at first sight to the clients; intending for the business to grow rapidly and certainly achieve the targets.

We first and foremost analyze your requirements and by determining your business scenarios we would offer you the best category solutions.

We would also ensure you to decide your hospitality business aspects by identifying the targeted market, clients and also the competitors.


Provision for online booking through a finest designed website, mobile compatible app with a subtle user interface.

Introducing Point of Sale (PoS) allows hospitality ventures to operate more efficiently and provide better customer service. By integrating with CRM, inventory management system and other tools the information based on capacity, reservations, availability, loyalty programs and more would be accessible by the retail clients by just a single click.

Integrating with CRM makes it easier for marketing team to build relationships with new & existing customers, as well as advertising of new schemes & forthcoming events to all the customers.

We also help our clients in choosing appropriate social media platforms cautiously, as to reach out to their targeted audiences & demographic.

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