The client is a UK based channel marketing platform helping organizations in selling their products & services through online channel partners to effectively promoting it to the end user community. Generate sales opportunities, monitor sales pipelines & determining the ROI are the major aspects of their business.


In order to cope with the several marketing platforms available in the market, was their biggest challenge. They were looking forward to a platform that would help them in overcoming these challenges & also to meet overwhelming demands both from the vendor as well as from the channel community.

Business Requirement:

The client was intending to have an application that would help them in delivering opportunities to the channel partners through inbound and outbound campaigns. Moreover, the expectation from the application was to benefit their business by increasing mindshare, revenues and having transparency in measuring the performance and ROI against expenditures meant for the channel marketing.

Solutions Provided:

First of all, we analyzed their business thoroughly as a delivery partner. After understanding their business we designed a plan for them to understand and a phase wise execution approach was suggested. The first phase had all the actionable that were mentioned in the RFP whereas the second phase had certain value added features suggested by us, which were highly appreciated by the client. After zeroing on the platform & framework the solution was architected in such manner that, it can either be deployed in centralized or in distributed environment. The technology stack that was proposed had boosted scalability to their mobile platform. Finally, a full-fledged automated solution was provided that garnered great responses by their vendors & acceptance by their channel community.


This solution was delivered in a meager time frame of approximately 3-4 months. The performance and user centeredness were proved to be a key characteristics of the application & was the main reason for its success. The solution received praises by their vendors such as Motorola, Cisco, O2 & Mamut.

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