This client is leading pesticide company having presence across India. The company majorly deals in pesticide for household, hospitals corporate & government offices.


The client was finding it difficult to manage all their offices across India and everything was handled manually through phone calls & mainly consisted of paper work, which the client wanted to get rid of and eliminate from the system. The main reason for having the technology transition was to track the business & revenue.

Business Requirement:

The client was intending for an application which can be used by all their 50+ offices across India. The application was mainly aimed for site inspection, preparing and submission of quotation and actual execution along with reporting the after services status followed by the service feedback. The client was also wanting to have a simple & user friendly UI.

Solutions Provided:

MindWorx proposed the client which was simple but built on a robust technology stack and framework to deliver this solution.

Module based framework was designed for managing the control panel, having individual sections for every phase of their business.

We added authorization and module based security for each of the sections.

A maker-checker process was also introduced especially for the accounts team mainly while generating the quotation along with other financial approvals.

Making it easier, we also provided solution for email automation & dashboard for showing batch processing, total business & revenue earned.


The centralized user system & individual performance were the major parameters that impressed the customer as to achieve their intended goals

After the release of the web application, the client went further by recommending us to develop a tab based application, which was another achievement.

The selection of an appropriate framework helped us delivering the solution within the stipulated time frame.

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