This client is an Indian based six-sigma consulting company formed in collaboration with three other six-sigma advisory champions. The client is into providing consulting services, corporate training & have assisted several organizations in achieving their service level certifications.


The main challenge that the client was facing is to have a dynamic website, having high rated SEOs & to boost its ranking. Moreover, they were also intending to have a Learning Management System (LMS) as a part of its extended functionality.

Business Requirement:

The website was to be designed with eminent SEOs & high ratings but should also be lesser in size. They wished to change their content more frequently; therefore they desired to have a simple console making their administrator easy to operate with additional features such as digital content updating/managing along with email automation. The client was also keen to integrate their LMS system to their website.

Solutions Provided:

MindWorx laid down an awesome scalable framework to deliver the expected solution.

We had designed and delivered a complete automated solution incorporating various processes such as content management, digital asset management, customer registration, lead generation and migration and also integrated the social networking platform.

Moreover certain value added modules as like newsletter management, promotion and offer management & SEO automation were also incorporated.

The website was made compatible to the norms of 3.0 web standards with add-on features like tagging, keyword based content setting, statistic generation across the site to study various patterns on end users browsing. Thereby, delivering the corporate site in association with the LMS portal.


As the probability of dependency has completely been reduced, as a result this has brought lot site friendliness to the administrator. Due to the development of the LMS, it has truly been supportive for the client for sharing the processes & other value added data to their users.

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