MindWorx is committed to provide Guaranteed SLAs, Skilled Team for Support, Detailed Billing, Reporting & Insights, Cost Optimization & Predictability, Business Agility / Flexibility

Reduce Overheads

You can get Skilled Resources in short time and at low costs in India compare to USA / CANADA / UK / Europe. Thus you can reduce various efforts around hiring, managing and retaining such skilled resources. You can also reduce dependency of other people to manage hire n fire process for you. Over to all you can reduce subsequent costs like infra, inventory, travel, Govt. Taxes etc

Focus On Business Goals

Every business needs dedicated and quality time to achieve business growth. Businesses can achieve this only if they have relaxed & fresh minds. So here we play a vital role in your business model; where we provide you hassle-free managed services to EXECUTE – MANAGE – GROOME UP your technical infrastructure. This infrastructure can be your exchange servers, portals, intranet sites, service portals, channel partner network sites, micro sites etc.

Build Responsive Eco System

We have strong understanding and expertise into building proficient and responsive eco-systems. We can assist you in your business model; where we will mainly focus on infrastructure management & enhancements; whereas you can concentrate on your business goals. We can assure you all timely support and value additions to your infrastructure; which will make your day-to-day working smart. We believe in delivering smart solutions which will help you to automate your business processes and bring efficiency in the system.

Revenue Optimization

Revenue Optimization is call back factor of Managed Services ODC model. Basic reason to revenue optimization is Off shoring services management to us in India. In India we can manage your business infrastructure remotely very cost effectively. We mutually hire skilled resources to manage and enhance the various products and solutions across your infrastructure. We manage these services in highly secure and state of art infrastructure with all possible transparency.

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