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Banking & Finance has been one of the most crucial sectors in today’s era. Finance availability & management has always been the top priority for every individual as well as for the industry. Considering the need of the hour, there has been several applications introduced in the market aimed to ease the finance management, but whenever finance comes into picture, the security parameter is also equally considered. This is where MindWorx takes care of all your worries by providing an optimum solution which is safe and secure.


We help our customers in providing a tailored solution for effortless transaction management over wide range of categories allied to this sector. It can either be right from peer-to-peer money lending to implementing measures for controlling money laundering.

We are a single roof to come-up with exclusive and vital solutions that can be implemented throughout.

Our solutions cater the provision for handling the confidential information like customer data, transactions, credentials etc. with one of the most widely accepted encrypting system like RSA SecurID Token, acting as an OTP for entering, transacting & also for confirming the various actionable involved in the solution.


  • Solution that is in compliance with the globally recognized standards.
  • High level data security.
  • Customized user profile management.
  • Reporting system for various attributes.
  • Provision for statutory audit.
  • E-governance.
  • Easy transaction tracking technique.
  • Technical analysis
  • Risk mitigation

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